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Transformer Parts & Transformers Explained 2020

Transformer Parts & Transformers Explained 2020

Types of Transformer Parts Metallic Core Holding Frame Winding On Load Tap Changer Bushings and Terminals RadiatorTransformer Parts The parts include the Input Connection, the Output Connection, the Windings or Coils and the Core

In this I had explained what is the main part of a transformer like you know about primary winding and power transformer for distribution transformer, Transformer Parts, the highway is very big and you must have seen many liquor pipes around it. There is one on top of him and his work was to go to the picture video, a transfer is small.

Types of Transformer Parts

  • Laminated core.
  • Windings.
  • Insulating materials.
  • Transformer oil.
  • Tap changer.
  • Oil Conservator.
  • Breather.
  • Cooling tubes.

Brother first I am going to tell whoever is going to protect it except for 35 people, Transformer Parts, who will tell about the function, in their work, let us see which part is used.

Transformer Parts & Transformers Explained 2020
Transformer Parts & Transformers Explained 2020

Transformer Parts and Functions PPT

Laminated Co Winding Maintain Prayer Rawal Conserv Water Tank Bucholle Brother & Radiator The Laminated Co and Winding This Prev

This mantle comes in handy, which is the first lesson winding and to protect it both from the surrounding condition is to call them both. The first task of maintenance is the second task which is to express the container as much as it can.

There is another minute work which can be very tense, both of their friends come in handy, one is insulating between 10 in ODIs and Tests in Rajasthan and the other is the temperature that is higher than the temperature. Helps to while Transfield is done Transformer Parts

So the whole per cent is not felt in such a way that there is a little bit left in the context so that whenever the oil gets too hot, the oil becomes very hot, the temperature becomes high, the oil can expand in that area and Transformer Parts when cooling If the people can be cooled again through the post, then it will be down a bit.

Transformer Parts & Transformers Explained 2020
Transformer Parts & Transformers Explained 2020

Construction of Transformer

This is maintained in such a way that there is another thing associated with the level of wilder age, ie, the conservator tank so that we know that the level of oil in it is more than normal, it is less than normal which is less than normal.

It is a very sensitive defence between 18 and 15 over 10 which removes any gas formation inside the transformer or increases the pressure of the oil immediately and sends an alarm to the users. Transformer Parts

The brother comes as soon as we breathe, so is the course of the transformer. Whenever there is an accident due to too much temperature, then the air that remains in the fit attack goes out. The same is through a pipe, but the brother. There is an interprocess in it, it goes out, while the person is standing, when the pulping comes to normal reading again, the man enters from outside.

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Transformers Explained

In the meeting, the waiter’s job is to filter it so that anyone with love If the master or how it is not inside today, but if it will come then it may be very light, there may be a short circuit, Transformers Explained the dielectric strength of those who are there may be greatly reduced, that is why the filter system is installed, the main work of this system

While the silica gel enters the welfare chart of outside air transfer, then whatever master it is, it does the app.jar silica gel, there is a lock of kajal in the time of calling the trans, but if I am too much master and If you filter the master too much and pass it to the man, Transformers Explained, then its colour becomes pink,

that is, you can see tomorrow that the master has become a fighter or not, or whenever it becomes a full pink It has to be changed otherwise it does not work any further. The way to get out as many hits inside the radiator system comes in handy and why a lot of road pull-ins are installed outside the police room with transformer tens when plus mobile hot. Let’s do it.

Function Of Transformer

Goes upwards, the bottom oil is heated. He has gone upwards. Then he came back down from the pulling tube, meaning the rotating goes on. Due to the rotation of this file, Transformers Explained. the inside is hit as much as the police out until it spreads. And then the out-of-atmosphere condition takes that hit right away.

If there is a very large transformer, what is the rating too much, then the pump is used in it. Transformers Explained. It looks like the police to calculate the transformer in the transformer. If not the link stays in it as it happens. Both are from an elite tube. Radiates out the radiator.

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