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What Is A Thanos Car

What Is A Thanos Car

The Thanos Car is a variant of the Ford F-150 that was added on September 21, 2018, as one of two limited edition free vehicles, Thanos Car alongside the Lotus Exige 360 Cup. It was available for sale between September 21, 2018; and September 28, 2018.


The Thanos Car refers to an image of a modified, purple pickup truck, which some say resembles the comic book and Avengers: Infinity War Thanos.


The earliest available photograph of the Thanos Car was posted on September 8th, 2016 by Redditor berberlevin in the /r/Shitty_Car_Mods subreddit. They titled the post “Toyota street sweeper??” Within two years, the post (shown below) received more than 160 points (98% upvoted) and 20 comments

It was made to look similar to a meme vehicle, complete with a one-off horn. This vehicle is on the citizen team and was a limited edition vehicle- being sold for only one week. Thanos Car, However, it only comes in purple colour, and cannot be repainted, coming with a tall bumper instead of grille guards. It shares its top speed with the normal Ford F-150. To accommodate for the over-sized bumper, the Thanos Car has a suspension lift.

The Thanos car was based off a heavily modified, purple pickup with a large, black front bumper. Thanos Car In real life, it was named the ‘Thanos Car’ mainly because of the ribbed front bumper, which resembles Thanos’ ribbed chin, but also from the purple colour.

What’s Thanos car?

Thanos is a pair of elements which may consist of into a very accessible metric system with unlimited storage capacity. It may be the addition in seamlessly in addition to current Prometheus deployments and Thanos car wins piston cup leverages the Prometheus 2.0 storage format to cost-efficiently store historic metric details in virtually any item storage while keeping fast query latencies. Furthermore, it gives a worldwide query view across all of Prometheus installations allowing it to merge information from Prometheus HA pairs on the fly.
Thanos is something in the Monitoring Tools grouping of a tech stack Thanos Car.

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Two months later, on November 7th, 2017, Redditora_6847646847646476 posted another image of the truck in /r/Shitty_Car_Mods subreddit. The thread was titled “This pic of Sean The Renovator’s truck was posted to one of my Facebook groups. Looks like it’s in its final form now Thanos Car This image (shown below) shows a much higher quality perspective of the truck. The post received more than 61 points (95% upvoted) and 13 comments.

On July 12th, 2018, Redditor chestnut_mcgee posted the image in the /r/ThanosDidNothingWrong subreddit. Thanos Car They titled the thread “Literally just a truck that looks like Thanos” (comparison to Thanos, below). The post received more than 980 points (98% upvoted) and 20 comments.

Thanos car wins piston cup

The Thanos Car shares the same stats as the F-150, with only 4 differences: The paint, the bumper, the horn, and the slightly adjusted suspension. Thanos car wins piston cup The truck is able to run at a top speed of 105 mph (169 km/h) and has an AWD drive train. Thanos Car It also returns $465 per mile in revenue, making it an alternative to the Ford Crown Victoria.

  • The Thanos Car has a meme horn that says a phrase and plays a music clip when the “G” key is pressed. It’s a line from Avengers: Infinity War, and its an audio clip of Thanos saying ‘Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.’ Thanos car wins piston cup
What Is A Thanos Car
What Is A Thanos Car
  • Some clear differences between itself and the real Thanos car is that the wheels and tires are normal ones like on the F-150, rather than completely modified.
  • The real-life version of the Thanos Car is a 1999 Toyota Tacoma, belonging to a renovating company, judging from the name ‘THE RENOVATOR’ printed across the top of the windshield.

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Thanos Car Video 2020

Thanos Car Video

Thanos car FAQ?

What is a Thanos car?

The Thanos Car is a variant of the Ford F-150 that was added on September 21, 2018, as one of two limited edition free vehicles, Thanos Car alongside the Lotus Exige 360 Cup. It was available for sale between September 21, 2018; and September 28, 2018.

What God is Thanos?

Thanos God Is Infinity Of marvel

Can Superman beat Thanos?

No Superman was not beat Thanos beacues Thanos was marvel and superman was Disney.

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