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The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties.
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The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties. WordPress

how to fix The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties. WordPress we’re going to talk about technical difficulties with your website. Fix WordPress five. I believe has come out work personnel.

Give you a box that says The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties. If you’ve seen that it’s because something goes wrong in your website now saw this posted on Facebook and I wanted to make a video about it because there were like 80 comments of people telling them to disable plugins.

The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties.
The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties.

And what was the last thing you installed and Bubba blah blah or whatever so it might not be the last plug-in that you installed that may be causing the issue?

how to fix The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

You may have written some code that caused the issue you may have installed a plugin but that plugin may not be the issue. It may have been another plug-in that just so happens to conflict with the current plug-in that you just installed or WordPress me of updated and caused your site to say that so whatever and however you’ve had that issue and you found this video. I’m going to show you how to fix it and say

Are you a lot of time and not have to go through all of that trouble? All right. So let’s get started to show some videos and stuff like that. We’ve got some text here on the front page and just kind of a welcome to idea probe here. And what I want to do is I want to go to the code and this is just a function. PHP page where we just do testing for this site here, but I want to show you really quickly how easy it is to break your website.

How to Find the Error Experiencing Technical Difficulties

We’re going to have just a couple of Dots here at the top then we’re going to come back over here and we’re going to refresh this page. The Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties. WordPress Now. This is the error that you’re getting the site is experiencing technical difficulties now,

What happens if any code is the wrong WordPress used in just not load depending on the type of server that you were on it would just not load. It would just be a White Blank Page since 5.0. They’ve come out with this that gives you the idea that there’s something wrong by saying this site is experiencing technical difficulties.

Now the quick and easy way to fix this or find the solution for this is to not deactivate plugins not deactivate themes and reactivate one of the default themes that come with WordPress. It’s simple to open up a file in an editor. If you have access to the route of the website, there’s a file in there called WP – config. PHP and somewhere toward the bottom of the page you have this line of code here that says Define WPD bug and typically by default it set to false. So by turning this to true

And saving the file now we can go back to our page that says the site is experiencing technical difficulties and refresh it and when it’s going to do is it’s going to tell us the exact file that has the issue their syntax error The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties. WordPress unexpected, you know, and then it’s going to give you expecting end of file in functions themes idea Pro functions. PHP online 3. Just going to tell you the exact file and where that problem is now if it’s a theme and you don’t understand code

The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties.
The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties.

You can just deactivate that demon activate one of the default themes WordPress. Experiencing Technical Difficulties. If it’s a plug-in you can deactivate that Plug-In or delete that plugin until you can figure out a solution for it. If your developer should be able to understand how to debug this or how to decipher this a little bit and then you can go in and go.

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Okay. Well, let’s look at functions literally online 3, it says line 3 and you can kind of figure out what’s going wrong like, oh, yeah, I was typing and accidentally at the end of this line accidentally hit the. Instead of the return.

And that happens sometimes I hit, you know a single quote or something like that as I’m typing really really fast and this tells me right away what’s wrong with it? So we have to take this out. We save it looks when I take that one out to receive it come back here and the sites working can’t do it. If you’re on shared hosting you might not have access to the wp-config file.


If you don’t you’ll have to ask your hosting company to turn that on so that you can see the debugging you I always keep debugging on until I’m done editing a website or even when I go in to make changes on the website Experiencing Technical Difficulties. because it gives you any notice of anything that’s going wrong on the site. Let me know in the comments.

If you found this video useful, please click the like button and remember to subscribe. I’m going to start doing a lot more videos on WordPress and even doing a tutorial on beginning PHP all the way through to working with WordPress.Advanced mode. So look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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